Monday, January 23, 2012

When your fashion ego is deflated, 2 words: Neon & Feathers

I had a vision: black mini dress flanked with silver studs ( the best way I can describe these silver studs is to compare them to brads. You know those clever little gold contraptions we used in elementary school  to secure crayon picture books ). I had my heart set on the "Brad" dress, it was glamorous and sexy without being too obvious; the only time I had donned it was in Vegas for a bachelorette party and it seemed worthy of taking out for one more spin. I was excited about complimenting the dress with these new silver heels that I just purchased on Friday. I was a little confused, whenever I am in a fashion dilemma  I simply snap a picture of myself in the heels and forward to my mom the fashion matriarch, as well as 5 other fashion savvy girlfriends. The response was overwhelmingly in favor of the silver heels, but there was one text that was unsettling: My mom always tells it like it is and despite the poor fuzzy quality of the camera phone picture she immediately picked up on my doubt and did not think they were sexy. After much deliberation from the mass surveys I texted,  I began to interrogate customers and the sales associates asking if they thought the heels were sexy. The sales girls claimed they were the last pair and sold out fast, not sure if that was just a sales pitch but was enough to tip my confusion in favor of a definitive yes. I whipped out my credit card and became the new owner of the last pair of silver strappy heels. I guess it appealed to my competitive side, I didn't want some other girl to acquire those highly coveted silver heels, even though I wasn't completely in love with them. I could now sympathize with the guys on Storage Wars paying far too much for someone's used crap just to prevent a fellow bidder from obtaining it. I won the bid and strolled out with my new silver heels ready to take them for a ride with my silver "brad" dress. I slipped on the dress and heels and thought I had a winning ensemble, but upon further inspection I realized that my mother was right..... they weren't sexy at all. They were like the kind of heels a pianist would wear with some panty hose under a long navy blue velvet dress. Piano Recital was not the look I was going for on a Saturday night out with my girls to see a famous house DJ. I felt like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, who wanted that red Rider BB gun but was warned by his mother that it will only shoot his eye out, and ultimately she was right.  I should have listened to my inner voice instead of surveying all of the shoppers in Paseo Nuevo along with mass texting all of my girlfriends. I guess my fashion radar wasn't as sharp as I had thought. I tossed the silver heels off feeling defeated and made a run for one outfit that was sure give me that extra ooomph that i so desperately needed to inflate my fashion ego back. Two words: Neon & Feathers. I slipped on my neon yellow ribbed tank, black mini and a black thick belt to structure the outfit. Throw in some peacock earrings with turquoise & yellow from my amazing roomies' feather collection along with the black suede boots and my fashion confidence was instantly reignited.... when feeling down just go back to the 80's. Neon and feathers are always WINNING!     

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