Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Post New Years Faux "Dream Board" Party

Just because the glitter plastered top hats have long been trashed and hangovers subsided doesn't mean the spirit of New Years Eve has to fizzle out along with it.  In honor of 2012, which I have deemed my year, I brought all my favorite girls together under the guise of a "dream board" party to collage our resolutions and images of places and goals we wanted to attain for the New Year. Although I provided a spread with veggies, brownies, hot appetizers and a grapefruit and vodka infused concoction in the bar area, the party had clearly shifted to my modest bathroom and 4 girls crammed into the fluorescent lit space that can barely accommodate 2 people.  The only artistic endeavor we embarked on at my "dream board" party was painting eyeliner, meticulously gluing lashes on one another and choosing color schemes from Ro's beautiful palette of shimmery eyeshadow.  Suddenly Bridgette pulled out  a contraption from her leopard duffle bag; a long silver device that resembled something from an S & M shop, it came complete with a black velvet glove that she slid on to prevent burns. I watched mesmerized as she expertly pulled and twisted the silver device around her hair to create the loose and sultry waves that appear effortless despite the heavy prep time . My new roomie brought in an astrology  book and sat on the edge of my bathtub reading our horoscopes as we all agreed in unison on the accuracy of it's predictions. The conversation was intense and simultaneously occurring amidst the bronzing, curling and lash application, providing further proof that women are the masters of multi-tasking. Before embarking on our journey to shake it on the dance floor we took a slew of pictures to document our faux dream board party also known as Girls Night.

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