Friday, January 13, 2012

Kurt Cobains Grunge Boots bred with Kate Moss's Heel=HeelBoot

I dedicate this post to my fave shoe aficionado...Kelly. If you haven't seen her video on youtube, it may possibly change your life in that you will be quoting it with friends for years to come.
Kelly shares my same enthusiasm for those brightly colored, neutral, glam, chunky, brilliant things called shoes, that can transform a girl for the better. Or in Kelly's case a lack of shoes in one's size can result in a screaming fit of rage.I find myself in sticky shoe sitches all the time, the other day I was perusing Macy's shoe department with my roll dog Mel. I was more than willing to accompany her to return a few things as I knew that I could satisfy my addiction for footwear. After expertly ravaging the sale racks,  I found a piece that piqued my interest and was a walking paradox: A work boot, decidedly rugged and masculine in nature yet feminized by a sharp stilleto heel. At first I didn't know what to make of this little walking contradiction. When viewed straight on it only looked like a plain hiking boot, complete with gold rivets to lace it up to the top. I wasn't feeling the straight on view, but when I admired the side it was a different story~ so sexy and sleek. It was as though Kurt Cobains' grunge boots bred with Kate Moss's sexy stilletos, this was their love child and I was still undecided as to whether I should keep it. Ultimately I came to the tough decision that these boot heels were better suited for someone more cutting edge than myself, a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen fashionista who could rock the look alongside baggy duds and big sunglasses. These heelboots simply did not have a place among my mini dresses, cleavage bearing peek-a boo tops and skinny jeans....farewell heelboots, maybe someday we shall meet again. 

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