Thursday, January 12, 2012

A touch of Coral to brighten those Winter Blues

This weekend I am hosting my first girls vision board party, we are going to focus on creating meaningful new years resolutions, collage images to represent the goals that we want to achieve and possibly do a little scrapbooking. Shortly after I created this event on facebook, my snarky younger sister sent me the link for Sh*t Single Girls Say (One of many installments to the wildly popular Sh*t Girls Say series)  I realized I was the cliche of Sh*t Single Girls say ie: "Time for a new dream board!" . I digress...The Vision Board Girls night is a chance to express ourselves creatively aside from devising new variations of low calorie vodka cocktails. Sparkling Grapefruit and vodka and a dash of lime is currently my favorite mixology concoction. The party is also going to be the perfect forum to create our own photoshoot before going to the clubs as we will have complete control over lighting and color schemes. Added bonus, we can take as many pictures as our hearts desire without annoying random strangers to do the job who typically cut our heads off or put their finger over the lense. This is the outfit that I plan on wearing that night: coral. long sleeve mini dress with slashed cut out arm detail to give it a sexy edge. The cut out piece completes this dress, otherwise it would be a plain mini dress with  a more conservative neckline than I am accustomed to. The coral color is unexpected in the winter time but works because of the long sleeves and brown slouchy boots that I paired with it. 

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