Friday, January 13, 2012

Glitter, Sequins, Shine: NYE & Vegas are your Hall passes!!!

Oh how I love all that is glittery/sparkly and bright, what girl doesn't love to enhance their natural beauty with some extra shine, bling and va va voom?!!!. As an avid fashion mag enthusiast I know the rules of glitter and sequins: they are best reserved for two moments in one's life: the Vegas girls weekends and of course the Queen of all glitter holidays: New Years Eve. I borrowed these sparkly gold gems from my girl Ro and loved how they added an extra pop element to my solid black fringe sequined dress. Note: mixing black sequins and gold sparkles are completely acceptable on these 2 occassions and even encouraged, roll-on body glitter: do

big chandelier bling earrings: do. Unless you are Adrienne Maloof owner of the Palms in Vegas can you get away with rocking sparkly heels on a daily basis. Girl can effortlessly pull off the vegas new years va va voom look even when undertaking the most mundane of tasks like gasing up her car (okay scratch that, one of her staff would do this, but you get the picture). Use up those glitter, sequins and shine hall passes that Vegas and NYE afford, you've earned it.

Note: Photocredit: taken by self on a cell phone, displaying glitter heel alongside white porcelain toilet, gotta work with what you have.

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