Friday, January 13, 2012

Jean Jacket Saga: a Troubled History

My relationship with jean jackets is a troubled one that dates back to circa '92....It saddens me to actually come to terms with the obscene amount of JJs (jean jackets) i have unwillingly parted with and lost to the abyss throughout my lifetime. At first it started innocently enough leaving them on the asphalt black top of the playground, girl scouts or slumber parties; oftentimes I was able to salvage them.  When I went away to college the JJ disappearing act became more complicated as alcohol was involved and my JJs were swept outside of frat parties amongst the cans of natural light beer never to be found again. As a young professional the problem still plagues me and I have had a solid track record of losing at least one JJ per year.  Last spring I was determined to find a replacement after I lost one of many JJs that my mom loaned me. I hit up Heritage, one of my fave budget friendly stores and an off-shoot of forever 21 to find my new holy grail jean jacket. After walking out of the store with the satisfaction and high that only comes with a successful shopping excursion, I jumped into the car with my co-worker Linh.. I went roaring out of the downtown shopping area but hesitated for a moment when I spotted a police car in front of me, just waiting to nab an unassuming citizen rushing back to work on their lunch hour. Sure enough I was pulled over for making a left turn during the strictly forbidden turning times and he happily wrote me a $300 ticket for an illegal left turn. Despite the $20 jean jacket, I added $300 to the tab totaling at $320. A high price to pay for something that I would inevitably lose within the next couple of weeks. Happy ending to the story: I ended up fighting the ticket and having it refunded, if you need tips on this just message me I am a pro by now with all the traffic tickets that come with living in a beach town with no real crime. Back to the JJ saga, so flash forward to a year later and I am wearing my beloved jean jacket for a night out bar hoping over a neutral tee and brown suede boots, the end of the night approaches and after toting it around while dancing I left it in a random cab never to be seen or heard from again. After all the memories we shared, I was attached to this JJ and even considered it lucky, it accompanied me over glam outfits to dress it down and on getaways to LA and Vegas. The only way to get over my beloved Jean jacket is to get right back out there and find a new one...what do you think about my latest conquest? How long will we make it?

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