Friday, January 13, 2012

Do the Polka...Dot!!! Thelma & Louise Style !!

Polka dots how I love thee~ I just came across this polka dot tie up shirt on one of my daily addictions forever21 and started becoming nostalgic for a simpler time in women's wear: this top became reminiscent of  two hot broads stuck in dead end relationships who hop into a 1950s' convertible and travel across the country in search of adventure and retribution, shooting the prick that tried to rape Thelma at a C & W bar. I love the whimsy and innocence that black and white polka dots evokes and the memories of warm summer days slurping down a lemonade icy. I found a pic of myself circa '95 rocking a similar red colored tie up shirt.

Pair the polka dots with red lipstick, pearls and funky heels you have got yourself one fierce look!  Not sure if my belly is ready for bearing in this polka dot top but it will provide the inspiration  needed to start that crunch routine

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