Thursday, February 2, 2012

Greasy Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs & a Shoe Emporium=Successful Weekend Get Away!

Drais does Old Hollywood Glam meets Vegas
     Creating a suitable daytime theater look was not a small feat, after throwing on dozens of dresses, skirts, heels and boots and even digging through my roomies' closet, I was thoroughly exasperated and still in need of an outfit, not to mention my room resembled the aftermath of  a black Friday sale. I finally decided upon a chocolate brown bandage skirt that I have had for several years, and originally purchased to attend a classical music show at a martini bar and has since come in handy whenever I want to maintain some semblance of class. I put on the brown bandage skirt with a tight camel colored tee and finished the look with my favorite  thick brown and gold Betsey Johnson belt and brown suede boots..voilĂ ... done and done. True to form, my two girlfriends and I arrived at the Pantages Theater just as the theater doors were about to be closed and ran for our seats while the curtain was coming up for the opening act, time management was never my strong point. Regardless, we made the show and even squeezed in a few cocktails during intermission, although a little theater attendant who I thought was in the show due to his hobbit like similarities slammed the ornate wooden door and told us we would have to wait another 10 minutes to enter. I had no idea theater was under such a strict time constraint, but then again the last time I had been to a live production besides our local Nutcracker was circa '98 for The Sound of Music and was still under the careful watch of my parents' clock. We stood outside the big wooden doors watching the play on the small video screen with its fuzzy characters running about stage and waiting anxiously for the hobbit to let us in.
 We thoroughly enjoyed the production, especially admiring the Wicked Witch's fabulous taste in men, her love interest knew how to fill a pair of tights and was looking bootylicious, now I know why my girlfriend brought her magnifying reading glasses. Our next stop during the girls weekend was the Grafton Hotel, which captured our aesthetic, with its black and white sensual pictures and Marilyn Monroe hanging above the beds, zebra print comforters, brightly [painted orange and lime walls, dance music and a beautiful salt water pool. I highly reccomend this spot if you are in the Hollywood area as it is reasonably priced  compared to hotels of its nature and is located in the heart of Sunset right across from the Saddle Ranch Chophouse. We made a pit stop there and were pleasantly surprised by their company policy to serve shots to all customers waiting for a table, I could definitely get used to this. After inhaling a rack of baby back ribs, buttery cornbread, veggies and sweet potato fries I was comfortably full and found a perky young server with a rhinestone bandana coming over to our table selling Saddle Ranch merchandise. This place kept getting better and better by the minute, first free shots for waiting and then shopping while I was eating, two of my favorite activities combined.I was even able to haggle the price of a cute horseshoe wife beater down to 30% off since they only had an XL, this was exactly my kind of place.

They gave us a room with a lot of T & A

     After much deliberation and texting as to the best lounge to visit, we decided upon Drais at the W Hotel, even though it has been around for a year the pictures and reviews online made it a place worth exploring. After surpassing the line and walking in with a group of girls who were on the guest list, we took an elevator that was soaked in red lights, which was more flattering than the typical fluorescent hospital-esque lighting. We were greeted by large pin up paintings in heavy gold frames,which is my favorite style of artwork...double bonus points right there. The pool area was flanked with cabanas, which seemed empty and there was an old black and white silent movie projecting onto the building alongside lush palm trees and landscaping. The go go dancers were wearing beautiful white tulle skirts with a jeweled bodice on top, we were all perplexed as we had grown accustomed to go go dancers wearing nothing but tube socks, booty shorts and doused in body glitter. They had brilliantly captured the Hollywood vibe and created an elegant and fun atmosphere, only problem was that it was not even close to being at capacity despite the line winding around the block, 12pm was probably too early for this type of venue. Our crew was growing weary and we decided to call it a night when Hollywood and Vine was blocked off due to a potential bomb threat, the only thing that would make the night worth it was a hot dog wrapped in bacon and smothered in fried peppers and onions. We all sauntered down Hollywood boulevard taking turns biting into the questionable meat and enjoying every grease filled bite as if it were our last meal. The $4 street vendor hot dog was the highlight of our night and reminded us all why we should take trips down to these parts; for the sheer indulgence of street food from vendors that may not have a food license but sure know how to satisfy 3 hungry girls at 3am.
     The final chapter to conclude our girls weekend was appropriately  at a shoe emporium, which I literally started experiencing goose bumps over upon being presented with rows and rows of stiletto boots, fringey boots, buckled Betsey Heels, purses and even a feathered contraption called "boot bling" to decorate ones' boots with. We spent a solid two hours pouring over the aisles of shoes and rating each others potential shoe purchases, narrowing it down so that I could safely fit the boxes in my car and still be able to see out the rear view mirror. Note to self: next time I take a girls weekend that involves a visit to a shoe emporium, I we will come prepared with a fork lift. 
This is what happens when 3 girls are set lose in a shoe emporium